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As a Pittsburgh Home Inspection company, Allegiance’s owner and Cheif Inspector holds certifications from the International Association of Ceritified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and the HomeSpection Training Institute.

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A general Pittsburgh Home Inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of a home's systems, completed by an educated and certified inspector. Our home inspection will cover all the important parts of the home.

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Can a Home Inspection Kill a Deal?

Can a Home Inspection Kill a Deal?

In short, the answer is simple… NO.    In the Pittsburgh area, a Home Inspector’s main job is to evaluate the homes’ true condition and report on the defects as is.  These defects are then explained in person and in a detailed report.  The result of Home Inspection helps the potential buyer better understand the situation […]

Why Waive a Home Inspection? 

Why Waive a Home Inspection? 

           If you have been looking to buy a home in Pittsburgh you know that Pittsburgh’s Real Estate Market is, well, a little chaotic.  A common issue many Home Buyers are running into is after a long extensive search, when they finally find a home, it becomes painfully obvious that they […]

Home Inspections for Hornets Nests?

Did you see it? We Did. The opening to a 🐝White/Bald Faced Hornets Nest🐝 that is behind the walls!  Being proactive with an Allegiance Home Inspection can address these concerns before the weather gets warmer. This is the best/ safest time to find it!  It is important to seal all holes around your house no […]