Pittsburgh, PA 11th Month Home Warranty Inspections

With population growing and Pittsburgh, PA becoming more popular, buyer demand is outpacing the supply of homes for sale.  Because of this more homes are being built.  Buying a new built home is a great a fresh start and your family will be the first to make happy memories of the years to come.  One of the great benefits of a new home is that they come with a 1 Year Builders Warranty.  The warranty typically covers poor workmanship and defects of various components of the home within one year of a homes completed construction.

How can you figure out any possibly defects of the house before your year warranty is up?

Answer– Have an 11th Month Home Warranty Inspection on the home.  With hiring a Certified Pittsburgh Home Inspector to do a complete visual evaluation of the house this will give you documented legal proof of any defects that are potentially discovered during the home inspection before your 12 month warranty is up.  This can also give you a better position of is a dispute were to arise between you and your builder.  The inspection will cover the Roof, Exterior, Grounds & Drainage, Foundation, Interior, HVAC, Plumbing Electrical and more.  This can insure that any poor workmanship and/or defect get properly repaired and will give you piece of mind of the true condition of the house.

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