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Poor Water management in Pittsburgh P...

Poor Water management in Pittsburgh PA

  As a Pittsburgh Home Inspector a common issue I find on Home Inspections around Pittsburgh, PA is poor water management.  This can range from a downspout draining against the house or the yard sloping toward the house or a leaking gutter. These issues can lead to moisture issues in a basement on boxes or […]

Pre-Listing Home Inspection in Pittsb...

Pre-Listing Home Inspection in Pittsburgh

With selling a house in Pittsburgh, PA it is ideal for the home to sell as soon as you list it.  This is not always the case.  Sometimes a buyer’s home inspector can uncover issues that you may not have noticed.  This can result in strenuous unnecessary drawn out re-negotiations or even can cost the […]

Pittsburgh, PA 11th Month Home Warran...

Pittsburgh, PA 11th Month Home Warranty Inspections

With population growing and Pittsburgh, PA becoming more popular, buyer demand is outpacing the supply of homes for sale.  Because of this more homes are being built.  Buying a new built home is a great a fresh start and your family will be the first to make happy memories of the years to come.  One […]