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Make your Empty House/ Listing Look L...

Make your Empty House/ Listing Look Lived-in.

Whether you moved out of state or you are selling a recently renovated property, the worst thing you could do is give the appearance that no one is living in the house. Pittsburgh, PA has its fair share of criminal activity and an empty house is a dream come true.  One thing you don’t want […]

Prepare you Pittsburgh Home for a Hom...

Prepare you Pittsburgh Home for a Home Inspection

It’s that time to sell, your house. You get a interested buyer and they love the house. They put an offer in on your house and you accept! Now what? The buyers have a Home Inspection. This is probably the most stressful part of selling a home. As a Home Inspector in Pittsburgh, PA, we […]

Pittsburgh Home Maintenance Check Lis...

Pittsburgh Home Maintenance Check List

Whether you plan on living in your house long term or you plan to sell your home it is important to carry out regular home maintenance and repairs. Minor maintenance and repairs will help prevent larger issues in the future. Maintaining your Pittsburgh Home also maximizes the home’s value.  If selling your home this will […]